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Arizona has a high number of alcohol-related deaths compared to its population. Alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and alcohol use disorder (AUD) kill over 3 million people each year, accounting for up to 6% of global deaths. Many people forget that alcohol is a drug because of how pervasive it is in our society, but it is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs out there. It can lead to severe adverse health effects and life-threatening alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Read on to learn 8 shocking statistics about drug and alcohol abuse. Learn how many people ages 12 to 20 engage in underage alcohol misuse in the United States and the impact it has.

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Alcohol Abuse Statistics

Also known as opioids, narcotics include opium, opium derivatives, and synthetic versions. Excessive drinking is a leading cause of preventable alcohol vs drugs death in the United States, and it is also costly. It cost the nation $249 billion in 2010 (the most recent year of data available).

how many people die from drugs vs alcohol

Among adults under 65, more people died from alcohol-related causes in 2020 than from Covid-19 (White, A. M., et al., JAMA, Vol. 327, No. 17, 2022). In large part, alcohol doesn’t attract consistent attention as a killer because it’s legal, easily available and socially acceptable. In fact, it’s so deeply ingrained in our culture that not drinking in some circumstances can be perceived as out of the ordinary. For example, many people don’t think twice about “letting loose” and drinking on the weekends. I don’t drink every day,” we hear people say, even during treatment for alcohol use disorder. This webpage is regularly updated to display the most recent final drug overdose death data published annually by NCHS.

Younger generations made up the largest proportion of the deaths related to alcohol

In the past decade, I have seen changes in our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of addiction, largely due to a better understanding of how genes are dynamically regulated in the brain. New ways of thinking about how addictions form have the potential to change how we approach treatment. Your brain interprets food as rewarding when you are hungry and water as rewarding when you are thirsty. But addictive substances like alcohol and drugs of abuse can overwhelm the natural reward pathways in your brain, resulting in intolerable cravings and reduced impulse control.

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